Rev John O 'Connor图书馆


  • 黑色的 & 白人学生打印机

  • 黑色的 & 白人学生复印机 

  • access to more than 8,000 books available for check-out

  • 馆际互借服务

  • selection of research databases

  • study, collaboration, and relaxed seating areas

Students may check out up to ten books for three weeks using their first and last name or AHS ID card. Materials may be renewed as long as they are not on hold for another patron. 图书馆是免费的. Replacement costs are charged for lost and damaged materials. Any books still checked out or overdue on the last day of the school year will be charged to the student's account.

The library will be open from 8am-3pm Monday through Friday. Food, cell phones, book bags, purses, and gym bags are not allowed in the library.

Students may choose to spend their study halls in the library. Students should first report to their assigned study hall classroom for attendance and then make their way to the library. Access to the library during study hall may be broken down into two alternating groups by alphabet (A-L and M-Z) depending on the size of study hall class or quantity of study halls in a given class period.


  • 谷歌学者 - Google's search engine that limits results to only scholarly material.  

  • 古登堡计划 - a library of over 60,000 ebooks, with an emphasis on older works for which copyright has expired.

  • ILLINET/I-SHARE - includes resources of 65 Illinois libraries belonging to CARLI, the 学术联合会 & 伊利诺伊州的研究型图书馆. Use to search for materials at Augustana College and other Illinois university/college libraries who belong to the Illinois 图书馆 Computer Systems Organization (ILCSO).


  • EASYBIB WEBSITE EVALUATION GUIDE - examples of websites that are credible.        

  • EVALUATING RESOURCES, UC BERKELEY - helps explain why a particular source is a good fit for your research project. 

  • PLAGTRACKER -免费抄袭追踪器.

  • 普渡大学的猫头鹰 - Purdue University's online writing center. Use this site for tips on the writing process and for research guidelines.                                  

  • ZOTEROBIB - automatic citation generator for MLA, APA, and other styles.  Use this site to create a works cited page. 

  • 在线图书馆目录 - Browse both the Alleman High School library collection, as well as the entire prairiecat consortium, which spreads across northern Illinois. Students are able to request books from other libraries in the consortium to be picked up in the Alleman library. 

  • GOODREADS -图书爱好者的社交媒体. Get book recommendations, keep track of books you’ve ​read, and recommend books to others.

  • 伊利诺伊州立图书馆 - official library of the Illinois state government and a department of the Secretary of State.

  • 互联网档案馆 - a non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites, and more.

  • 诗人.org - this website is sponsored by the Academy of American Poets. You can search for famous poems, learn about American poets, or browse new poetry. 

  • Yalsa寻书器 -搜索4,000 +的书, 有声读物, and films from the Young Adult 图书馆 Services Association’s (YALSA) book awards and book lists.

  • 命运的发现 -美国牧师协会的链接. John O'Connor online library catalog. Browse our collection and put our books on hold for pickup in the library. For your username and password, contact or

  • 的StoryGraph - the best social media for booklovers. Log and review the books you've already read, update your progress on the books you're currently reading, and develop a TBR (to be read) list. Connect with other book lovers to compare your reading habits and discuss your love of books! 


  • 林肯奖得主 - this program encourages teens to read for pleasure and to become lifelong readers. Named after former President Abraham Lincoln, the Lincoln Award is sponsored by ISLMA (Illinois School 图书馆 Media Association).

  • 玛格丽特一. 爱德华兹奖 ——玛格丽特A号. Edwards Award honors an author, as well as a specific body of his or her work, for significant and lasting contribution to young adult literature. It recognizes an author's work in helping adolescents become aware of themselves and addressing questions about their role and importance in relationships, 社会, 在这个世界上.  

  • Coretta Scott king图书奖 - the Coretta Scott King Book Awards are given annually to outstanding African American authors and illustrators of books for children and young adults that demonstrate an appreciation of African American culture and universal human values.  

  • 迈克尔一号. PRINTZ奖 ——迈克尔·L. Printz Award is an award for a book that exemplifies literary excellence in young adult literature. 它是以托皮卡命名的, Kansas school librarian who was a long-time active member of the Young Adult 图书馆 Services Association.  该奖项是由 推荐书目, a publication of the American 图书馆 Association.  

  • SLJ最好的青少年读物 - YALSA’s best fiction for young adults blogging team presents fiction titles published for young adults in the past 14 months that are recommended reading for ages 12 to 18. 

  • 雅尔萨非虚构类图书奖 - YALSA's Award for Excellence in Nonfiction honors the best nonfiction book published for young adults (ages 12-18) during a Nov. 1 - 10月. 31出版年度.